MyMonkey is a Russian brand of baby underwear founded in 2020
The source of inspiration for the creation was their own children. The model invented by my son, the design by my daughter, the logo was drawn by my children themselves, with pencils, and the colors on the logo and the colors of pajamas were selected with a Feng shui master in accordance with child psychology.
It's time to launch a production where every pajama will be sewn with love and reverent attitude to premium quality without unnecessary details. Now I can share comfort with those who will definitely appreciate it.
What is the uniqueness of My Monkey pajamas and how does it differ from other pajamas? The question is correct. The answer is simple — every pajama is created by mom's love. Starting from the idea, sewing, packaging, sales and even photos — it's all the work of loving moms. Only a mother knows what her child needs.
Elastic in width,
but does not stretch in length
Hypoallergenic breathable cotton for delicate skin
Neat seams
and comfortable buttons
Minimalistic cut without unnecessary elements
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